El Nuevo Morelos

Established with a passion for authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, El Nuevo Morelos Restaurant has been a Twin Cities staple since its founding. Our journey began with a vision to blend traditional Mexican flavors with a touch of American culinary influence. Over the years, our commitment to quality, flavor, and a warm dining experience has made us a beloved destination in St. Paul and Eagan, inviting patrons to savor the essence of Mexico in every bite.

About US

Our Beginning

Rooted in the Twin Cities, El Nuevo Morelos Restaurant embarked on its Tex-Mex journey, blending authentic Mexican essence with American culinary flair. From humble beginnings, our dedication to crafting a fusion of traditional flavors shines through. Serving St. Paul and Eagan, we invite you to taste our heritage in every dish.


Today, El Nuevo Morelos Restaurant stands as a beacon of Tex-Mex excellence in the Twin Cities, offering a diverse menu bursting with authentic flavors. With locations in St. Paul and Eagan, we continue to craft dishes that harmonize traditional Mexican tastes with modern culinary innovation. Our commitment remains unwavering, delivering a warm dining experience and inviting atmosphere where guests can relish the best of both worlds in every bite.



As we march forward, El Nuevo Morelos Restaurant envisions further innovation, promising an evolution in Tex-Mex gastronomy within the Twin Cities. Our commitment remains steadfast—to expand culinary horizons while preserving the authenticity that defines us. Anticipate new flavors, experiences, and a continued dedication to delighting our patrons in St. Paul and Eagan with inventive, yet timeless, Tex-Mex creations.